Mobile Banking FAQs

Easily Learn About Accessing Your Accounts From Your Phone

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a way to access your bank accounts with your mobile phone. It's similar to Online Banking with added customization for use on a phone. MidCountry Bank offers you three ways to use Mobile Banking.

  • Text banking allows you access to your account balances, transaction history and find a branch or ATM with the convenience of text messaging.
  • Mobile website allows you access to your favorite online banking services such as account balances, transaction history, transfers and bill payments with internet access.
  • App is a downloadable application that provides the same features as the mobile website but with one-touch access and a view that is customized for your specific device.

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a service that is available with the mobile app. With Mobile Deposit you can take a picture of a check to make a deposit! Simply open the app, click Deposit and follow the instructions!

What can I do with text banking?

Text banking allows you to request your balance or transaction history by sending a text message request. You may also find the nearest ATM or branch with a text message request. Simply text any of the following commands to 99588 or reply with any of the commands to your last conversation with 99588.

Send a text


Receive a Response



Account Balance(s)

HIST + texting nickname


Transaction History

ATM + address or zip code

ATM 55345

Closest ATM locations

BRANCH + address or zip code

Branch 55345

Closest Branch locations

What can I do with the mobile website?

The mobile website is a convenient version of your traditional online banking account. You can simply move between screens to complete the requests below.

  • View Accounts including balances and transaction history.
  • Make Transfers between savings, checking and loan accounts; the same transfers available in online banking.
  • Pay Bills or change/cancel any pending payments.
  • Find ATMs and Branches that are closest to your location.

What can I do with the app?

The downloadable application offers all the same features as the mobile website but is customized for use on your mobile phone device which allows for one touch access. You can simply move between screens to complete the below requests.

The app is currently available for Android and iPhones.

  • View Accounts including balances and transaction history.
  • Make Transfers between savings, checking and loan accounts; the same transfers available in Online Banking.
  • Pay Bills or change/cancel any pending payments.
  • Pay People with Popmoney.
  • Deposit checks.
  • Find ATMs and Branches that are closest to your location.

What do I need to get started?

You only need an open MidCountry Bank account and a phone that supports at least text messaging.

How do I start?

Enroll in just 4 easy steps!

  • Login, or enroll for, Online Banking
  • Click on the Personal Settings option
  • Click the Manage Device(s) button
  • Download the App from the App Store or Google Play

Can I enroll in more than one service?

Yes! Each phone can enroll for 1, 2 or all 3 of the options available. It is recommended that all smartphone users sign up for all 3.

What is a texting nickname?

It is the nickname that identifies the account in a text message. When requesting your transaction history you will use this texting nickname. Each account should have a unique nickname assigned. You may leave the default numbers or assign a personal nickname.

Why am I receiving an error when taking a picture of my check?

For best results it is recommended that pictures are taken in high light and against a background of different contrast. Be sure to fill up the entire box with the image and to hold the phone at a straight angle over the check.

Can I deposit any check?

Many checks can be deposited with Mobile Deposit but there are some that can not. Checks greater than $3,000 can only be deposited at a branch or ATM. You may also not deposit more than a total of $3,000 in checks in any one business day using Mobile Deposit. Checks that are an abnormal size or layout and check types that are more susceptible to fraud may not be able to be deposited with Mobile Deposit.

Is there a cut off time to make a deposit for that day?

Checks deposited prior to 4:00pm CST will be processed that business day and available for withdrawal the next business day. Items deposited after this cut off time will be processed the next business day for availability the following business day.

What are my Mobile Banking account options and how can I change them?

Several options can be changed at any time.

My Phones

  • Change my phone number
  • Change my Mobile Banking services
  • Add or remove text messaging, the mobile website or the app
  • Stop using this phone for Mobile Banking
  • Download the application
  • Get a link to the Mobile Banking website
  • Add a new phone

My Accounts

  • Add or remove accounts from Mobile Banking
  • Change texting nicknames

My Profile

  • Change your time zone

To make any changes simply log into your Online Banking account. Under Personal Setting select the Manage Device(s) button under the Mobile Banking Profile banner, or select Add Device.

Why does the image appear so small on my screen?

First, make sure that you are enrolled for Mobile Banking. Enrolling in Mobile Banking will provide you an optimized view for your mobile phone screen.

If you are enrolled in Mobile Banking, check your browser settings on your phone and be sure it is set to mobile. Some phones default to the browser setting which will cause a small display.

How should I enter an address when searching for a branch or ATM with text banking?

You may enter a 5 digit zip code or the street, city and state. To enter a street, city and state use the below formatting.

Street Number and Name, City, State
123 Main St,Minnetonka,MN

Can I add a payee in Bill Pay with Mobile Banking?

No, it is an added security measure to not allow this service in Mobile Banking. Payees can be added in Online Banking.

What accounts can I access?

The same accounts that are available through Online Banking can be accessed in Mobile Banking.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

There are several security measures incorporated into Mobile Banking; a few of the key items are listed below.

  • Mobile Banking requires a password and multi-factor authentication as is used with Online Banking.
  • You can only access your account from the mobile number you have enrolled. If the phone is lost or stolen the device can be suspended and the device can be de-registered if it's not recovered, both can be done by contacting us; see terms and conditions for additional details.
  • Security technologies such as 128 bit SSL encryption and cache controls are utilized.

In addition we recommend you take the below standard security measures.

  • Properly secure account information and do not share any passwords or other account access information.
  • Do not store password information on the mobile device, for example in a notes section.
  • Use a strong PIN to lock the mobile device.

What does a STOP request in text banking do?

A STOP request in text banking will stop any automated alerts which is a future functionality. You will still be able to inquire for balances, history, branches or ATMs.

How do I cancel Mobile Banking?

To un-enroll in this service access your mobile options under Personal Settings in Online Banking. You may also contact us at 1-877-874-7376 or at

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